Cloudevo Crack Plus Keygen Free Here

By | September 16, 2018

Cloudevo Crack Plus Keygen Free Here

Cloudevo Crack is a best tool. With Cloudevo you can manage all your cloud accounts from a single interface! The software Cloudevo aggregates any number of cloud storage to a big united cloud. It is unessential from which provider you have your cloud storage. Cloudevo combines all of the different cloud services to one large cloud. This united Cloud is then mounted as a drive on your device. All files are encrypted securely on the Cloud drive. In addition to encryption, the software includes useful functions, which facilitate the handling, administration, and synchronization of the data in the Cloud. You can access your files in Cloud Drive from anywhere.

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In order to reduve the memory space usage on your hard drive, only files that are used frequently are cached locally. The rest of the files you see as a placeholder. Open a placeholder file and the content of the file is downloaded immediately and will be presented. Edit your files directly in the Cloudevo Drive. All changes are immediately transmitted back to the Cloud

he freeware Cloudevo connects the cloud storage of various services to a common large data store, which you can then easily access via Windows Explorer. All files  encrypted before the upload and thus protected against unauthorized access. Since Windows Vista, Microsoft’s operating system goes into a standby or hibernate mode during a period of inactivity. Although this saves electricity, but not all programs with the appropriate guidelines cope. The freeware Do not Sleep 4.71 prevents you from falling asleep .

Key Features:

The fear of unauthorized access to your data has come to an end. Cloudevo ensures safety. All your data will securely encoded with modern AES-256 encryption. Only you have the key to your data. To strengthen the security, files  divided into several fragments and upload to different cloud services.

Sync all your data on multiple devices. Your files will  synchronized by Cloudevo automatically. You don’t need to worry about it. Cloudevo uploads your data encrypted to the unified Cloud services. From other devices you can access your files from anywhere.

Universal Cloud Client
No matter on which Cloud service you want to save your data, Cloudevo can access it. If you are use different Cloud services, Cloudevo provides you with a uniform surface and interface. Continue to work with your data. Cloudevo takes care of the distribution. You do not need any other Software any more.

Whats New?

According to your needs, this united cloud can extended by simply adding more cloud accounts. Cloudevo supports both paid and free cloud storage. This gives you the flexibility to store all your data confortable and safe in the cloud.

Partial synchronisation
Save your time through fast synchronization of your files. Cloudevo supported the partial-synchronazation. With the partial synchronization, you can choose which files  synchronized immediately, which files later and which files not synchronized.

With our Data-On-Demand technology, data  synchronized whenever you request this by opening for instance a file. Hence you save time for the transfer of unnecessary data and do not block the bandwidth of your Internet connection. Exclude just files or directories entirely from the synchronization.



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